‘artful thinking, organic teaching and learning’ is our philosophy of education. Close-to-life learning and experiencing art nurture children’s holistic development in knowledge, affection, artistic perception, skills and sensation.

Since its inception in 1993 in Hong Kong, we have designed and developed highly versatile, adaptable, multi-disciplinary creative education programmes for children and teenagers of age 2 to 17. We pride ourselves over our creative education. Over the last 22 years, we have rarely repeated a single programme. All our courses are inspired by indigenous Hong Kong and Chinese culture, with particular emphasis on the healthy growth of children’s body and mind.

Our teaching team consists of professionals with solid academic and creative backgrounds – our studio founder is a versatile design and art director with over 20 years of experience in university education, while other studio instructors, all university graduates in design and fine arts, are seasoned creative practitioners with rich teaching experience. Our team is enthusiatic about sharing experiences, organising workshops with schools, parents and teachers, and participating in creative education activities in the community. We are open to collaborate with organisations and offer our consultation service in children’s creative education.

birdintree is a unique studio for children to play, make and create. Its founder started teaching at the university upon her return to Hong Kong in the 90s. Astonished by the lack of basic observation capability among students, she decided to reform the creative arts education by training young children aged from two to use their eyes to look, see and oberve.

Akin to birds flying back to trees at the end of the day, children coming back to birdintree studio immerse themselves in playing, making and creating. The immersion is a holistic creative learning, a joy and a stimulus – watering curiousity, confidence, uniqueness, imagination, expression and passion.

Our multi-disciplinary artful thinking model nurtures and sharpens a young mind. The model which encompasses eight areas of capability training – exploring, experiencing, discovering, moving body and mind, observing, questioning, problems solving and making, has been stimulating our teaching and learning with the children and parents for over 20 years.

This model was developed with strong roots in our beliefs in the ‘caring, respect and appreciation of children’s imagination’ and in ‘inspiring, enriching and empowering children’s creative power’. Children’s intelligence, creative power and vitality of life are innate. Our special role in creative arts education is to inspire. Experience tells us diverse and close-to-life teaching materials, and a free, open learning environment with ‘organic’ teaching and learning methods are natural stimuli to children. In the process of unleashing their hidden creative talents and wisdom, we help children build their self-confidence, mindfulness, sensitivity, emotional intelligence, and ultimately a creative language of their own.

We are ‘organic’ creatures. Everyone is unique.

Under an ‘organic’, interactive teaching and learning approach – no boundary, no restricted themes, no constraint in the use of medium, infinite possibilities, versatile learning environment – we treat each child differently. We respect each child’s uniqueness, we care for their emotion. With our multi-disciplinary orgainc model, we aim at guiding the children to develop their own visual language with observation, expand an outlook to the world, and be respectful of self, others and their surroundings. This continues as a lifelong learning.