Maria Lee Head, Department of Child Education and Community Services HK Institute of Vocational Education (Lee Wai Lee)2007年
Reading the project work by children as documented and explained in this series of book has been most enjoyable to me. Indeed, the study of the Chinese language and our intricate writings could be very intimidating and monotonous for children, and yet you have proved that this learning could be filled with the joy of discovery and imagination. I could see the laughter, the pride and sense of achievement from the children who had participated in this creative learning process, and have no doubt that the knowledge gained from this experience will stay with them for a long time and the seeds sowed here will impact their continuous learning behaviour. Sensitizing children to their environment, to feel, to ask, to analyze, and to seek solutions, need the full support and encouragement from parents and other adults. The "Tips" for teachers and parents provided in each project serves this positive purpose in ensuring that this creative learning process could be promulgated and sustained. Congratulations!
你好,我是哲哲媽咪,新年快樂! 希哲自從在bird in tree學畫畫之後,我都有找另一些的地方給他再學,他實在太喜歡畫畫了。上年尾我地有比佢學溜冰,點知學左唔夠2個月,佢已經無興趣了。仲同我講佢想學畫畫多d。有時我地經過花墟或者新世紀,佢都會同我地講:「係唔係去畫畫?」 希哲依家長大左好多,無咁容易發脾氣,說話亦比較流利。唔知幾時又可以見到你呢?希哲都好掛住你。
銘心約三歲時,我四處奔波,為的是找一處創作多元化、環境愉快、發揮潛能的創意間。不斷追尋下,朋友極力推薦「塗鴉」。於是盡管一試。結果,我和銘心都愛上了它! 這裡位於不太顯眼的唐樓,但它卻是名符其實的「創意間」!不單環境、氣氛充滿了豐富的創作,導師也盡心盡意的投入創作中!銘心已經六歲了,仍然雀躍地返「塗鴉」。「塗鴉」啟發了他的創作意念,是活潑的,是多姿多采的。相信這必定帶給他深遠的影響 ― 喜愛創作、設計、研究、探索…… 盼望「塗鴉」繼續努力,讓這「創意間」建造在小朋友的生命深處!